Saturday, September 22, 2007


The Devil's Club Community Apothecary Weekly Q&A
Need help? Have questions?

The Devil's Club Community Apothecary is a herbal dispensary using locally
harvested native and non-native medicinal plants. It is our way of
encouraging people to become involved in their bioregion. At Camas there
is a large cupboard filled with jars of hand picked herbs and reference
books. The apothecary is completely volunteer run and all herbs are by
donation. Come by and check it out!

Every Saturday from 12-2pm at Camas Books and Infoshop someone will be
hanging out ready to answer your questions about herbal medicine and your

Come and pick our brains! We can help you with your herba
l and health related questions (ex: herbal preparations, plant ID,
harvesting, and helping you pick out the best herbs to use)

If we are unable to help you, we can give you suggestions for where to go

Spread the word!
Every Sat 12-2pm @ Camas 2590 Quadra

This service is confidential & totally free! (...donations in the form of
are always accepted.)

Also new to camas is Earth's herbal organic teas.

Regular Weekly Events @ the Camas Infoshop:


Victoria Anarchist Reading Circle (VARC)


@ 7:20pm. VARC meets weekly to discuss readings and to educate one another about anarchist and anti-authoritarian ideas.


Bi-weekly Film Night

at the Camas Infoshop, beginning this Friday, October 12th (the following one will be Oct. 26). Starts 8pm. Suggested donation $2. Contact Camas: 381-0585


Farmers’ Pocket Market

Weekly Saturdays from 10:00am to 2:00pm. We are the new home to the Quadra/Hillside community’s Pocket Market, selling fresh local produce from organic farmers on Saturdays. Help support local organic farmers while reducing the neighbourhood’s dependence on corporate chain grocery stores. Run by the FoodRoots Co-op. Info:


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