Sunday, November 18, 2007


Sunday Nov. 25th Week 3 of grafreetea street skool, Ian was joined this week by Peter(thanks Peter) First up were two slide shows, one a pictorial document of some local graffiti art, that was followed by a step by step guide to spraying a piece on a blank wall. Then it was time to finish the sign that was started last week, the kids filled in the letters with pastels, making them bolder so they stood out more. Next week they are off to wildfire bakery to try out their skills on a real wall. should be fun.

Sunday Nov.18th. The camas 'free-school' now going by the name of graFREE-tea street skool(which includes members of The Flying monkey Poo Crew) had it's second lesson on graffiti art. The previous sunday the kids got to choose their TAG names(pictured below, for a closer look at these wonderful and creative TAGS, come on down to camas bookstore) they also got to see an informative slide show and excerpts from the classic 1983 documentary on graffiti culture Style Wars, combine this with the knowledge, wisdom and excellent teaching skills of Ian (thanks Ian) the kids(21 at the last count) had a solid foundation, for their second lesson, painting the sign for the skool (see below)

The next class is SUNDAY Nov: 25th 1pm - 2.30pm at Camas Bookstore 2590 Quadra St.
for more info call 381 0585

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