Monday, September 17, 2007


Books and zines.

The film screen and social space.

The kids space.

The main desk and 'office'.

View from the front door and T-shirts.

September 1st came and went and we were still finishing some minor renovations and pricing the new and used books, but by the 12th we were ready to open the doors to The Camas Bookstore and Infoshop. A steady flow of people came by during the day they were excited and enthusiastic about the project. The news that something new was happening in the neighborhood had obviously spread, because by time it was my turn to do a shift on the 16th things were buzzing and by the end of the day we had shelves donated from Rogers Video across the road, a growing list of people wanting to volunteer or offer general support and we had taken in enough money to almost cover half of our rent.


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aragorn said...

It looks great. And on behalf of Little Black Cart I'd like to thank all of you for your hospitality and kindness during my stay in Victoria. It was great seeing how much you all are doing up there.


joe roivas said...

Thanks Aragorn, things feel really vibrant right now, you know how it moves in waves ( that sounds pretty hippie) but you have to do these things went the time is right, and I think in Victoria that time is now, we shall see. I'm sure we will be ordering a few things from you folks soon.
Take care

rhudedawg said...

we neeed some new photos huh...